What I'm Loving This Month

What I'm Loving This Month

Who doesn't want perfectly polished and glowing skin?!

Well, even though we might not be able to get away to where the sun, salt and sea can do it for us, we can take some time for ourselves and enjoy home pampering to restore, renew and reveal the magic beneath. To make it even easier, we have created a neat, effective Be Smooth Body Polish kit for you. So polish away and enjoy the results!!

There's nothing quite like watching a friend create and grow her own business with passion and inspiring success. That's how I feel about Taryn Toomey and The Class. Her latest success being her collaboration with Lululemon. We love the number of women we're seeing creating businesses driven by their personal passion. What makes this most enjoyable is watching the camaraderie and support we give one another. So here's what I have to say: Congrats TT! Nailed it! 

We had one of our shopping events at Sawkille, a beautiful handcrafted furniture shop in Rhinebeck NY. Jonah Meyer, who designs and builds all the furniture by hand, is nothing short of a true creative talent. I stepped foot inside and immediately wanted everything!!! You actually can feel the passion, heart and soul that goes into every piece.


Dr Scholl's. Need I say more? If you're anywhere near my age, and grew up in the 70s, you will probably understand the love and nostalgia wrapped around these babies. Just ordered a pair in black!


Most days I try to keep sugar to a minimum but Pavlova is absolutely my weakness!! Plus, it figures it's an Australian thing, because everything I love these days seems to be from Australia. Such a delicious and pretty easy summer dessert.


In a tiny town like Narrowsburg, NY,  there are a number of gems to be found. One of them being Mayer Wasner, my friend Pam's store. She always has a great selection of unique and special pieces, so when I was sitting on Main St waiting for the fireworks to being on July 4th, and turned to see this dress from Natalie Martin, it's called Melanie, on the mannequin in the window, well, let's say I was there when the shop opened the next day. It's the perfect, airy, summer dress!



I am a Pimms lover, and it is the only thing I drink. Don't ask me how this happened or why, I'm not really sure. I just know it was after my son was born. Lucky for me there is usually a bottle of Pimms waiting for me thanks to my lovely group of family and friends. Combine it with a really good ginger beer, some mint and citrus and it's the perfect summer cocktail. Or for me...any season cocktail ;).


I'm always late to the game when it comes to getting get a new swimsuit for Summer, but I am definitely addicted to Siyu. I love its unique prints and variety of shapes — tops, bottoms and one pieces. I will be getting 1-2 of these depending on what's left by the time I get around to ordering!



We recently started stocking our first men's product, Holi (man), and women left and right have been buying it for the man in their life. Or for themselves, because some women, like me, really enjoy the woodsy cedar scent. This is what I've been using these days. So is my husband. Love it!!



We've just added MD Solar Sciences's safe sunscreen to ONDA and I love how the smooth texture works into the skin so easily, and guess what? No white residue!! EWG has included them on the best sunscreens of 2017 list, and all the ones we stock are rated as a #1. That means it's one of the best.

Larissa xx  

Larissa Thomson

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