Every Thursday, ONDA Beauty in Tribeca is home to Mark Connolly and his transformative Aroma-Energy sessions. If you are new to energy work or just need a refresher on why this energy clearing and healing treatment is for you we’ve asked Mark for his expert knowledge

What you can expect from a session with me

I have created a series of energy balancing sessions that focus on the seven energy centers in the body otherwise known as chakras. In Sanskrit, chakra means “wheel of light”.

Each of the energy centers in your body send energy to the physical parts of your body near to its location, and it also relates to the feelings and emotions that are intrinsically linked to that part of the body throughout your growth and development.

Most of us have one or more of these centers out of balance at any given time, which can be caused by stress, anxiety, life changes, illness, divorce or loss. Energy blocks can also be caused by early childhood traumas and emotions that may never have been dealt with.

I use a subtle, yet powerful form of light touch hands on healing known as Reiki, which was invented in Japan in the early 20th century. I discovered that adding aromatherapy into my sessions super-boosted the energy flow throughout the body and added an intensity to the healing power of the energy on a mind, body and spirit level.

What will I get out of doing it?

Aroma-energy work is the perfect antidote to the stressful lives that most of us live. One of my sessions can make you feel as if you have taken a beautiful and deeply relaxing inner journey of self reflection and healing. You feel totally aligned in mind body and spirit and a profound sense of being in the “now” as your optimal self...your best you! 

How will it change me mentally, physically, emotionally?

After an aroma-energy session you arise feeling very present and much more in tune with your authentic self. You are aware of the renewed flow of energy throughout your body and feel totally refreshed on every level. Focus, clarity and renewed optimism along with physical well being are also some of the many benefits of this healing work. Everything feels in balance.

What does the process involve?

The moment you enter the treatment room at ONDA Beauty you enter the magical realm of your chosen chakra journey. The fragrant and powerful essences surround you and immediately begin their alchemic process alongside divine crystals and soothing music. The properties of each essence are explained whilst you inhale each one individually after which they are individually layered behind your ear, and your intention for the session is set. You then lie down on the bed fully clothed and I begin the laying on of hands to begin recharging the energy flow from your crown chakra down to the root. You just lie back and allow the life force energy to flow through your body and take you on your own unique inner, transformational journey.

What is aroma-energy and how do you use the oils in your process?

As the name implies aroma-energy is a powerful and magical combination of aromatherapy and energy center (chakra) work. In my unique chakra journeys I use the highest possible grade of wild, biodynamic and indigenous essential oils from all over the globe. By choosing a particular chakra journey you have set the intention for the session and the carefully selected oils help to super-boost the energetic flow throughout the body helping you to manifest your intention. The divine essences also have mind, body and spirit healing properties that have been used to heal, soothe and transform people for thousands of years. The combination of the two modalities work in harmony and individually to give you a glowing radiance throughout your body

Is it important to go more than once?

A client may come with a very specific need that relates to one of the energy centers and one session may deal directly with that issue or problem. My recommendation is that a client takes all seven journeys sequentially after which their mind, body and spirit will be harmonized and in tune with an intuitive understanding of when they have the need for further sessions. They may choose to retake one of the life journeys when they sense a feeling of being out of balance in one particular chakra.

What might I expect afterwards?

You can expect to feel a deep sense of peace and bliss and both an inner and outer glow. Often clients enter looking and feeling one way and are totally transformed after a session, feeling revitalized, present, focused and conscious. They are capable of looking at their lives with a new perspective full of optimism and energy and are able to look at issues and problems in a new way. A deep and relaxing night’s sleep is guaranteed, often with vivid dreams. Upon awakening, a renewed sense of vigor, purpose and clarity help ease you into your new day.

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Larissa Thomson

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