Reward Yourself With Our Self-Care Collection

Reward Yourself With Our Self-Care Collection

In a time when taking care of yourself is more important than ever, what better way is there than to celebrate and take time for yourself everyday than by nourishing the skin you're in. Give yourself the gift of love, and pamper away. You know the oxygen mask theoryeveryone will benefit.

So here's how you can do something for yourself that not only feels good, but will make you glow with health and happiness.

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Herbivore Coconut Bath Soak — This smooth and lightly fragranced bath soak is so delicious I could almost eat it! But I don't because it's so much better in my bath. It relaxes and detoxifies while you're unwinding. Taking a bath is one of my favorite ways to take time for myself.

Leilani Bishop Fragrance Oil — A fragrance oil lasts so much longer than an alcohol-based perfume, and is so much better for you being non-toxic, plus it actually gets stronger the longer you wear it because it works off the warmth of your body. Apply to the back of your knees, as well as the regular pulse points, to ensure it continues to work its magic long into the night. We have three fragrances for you to choose from: Pikake (which is Hawaiian for Jasmine), which is featured, Lilac and Orange Blossom.

Edible Beauty Sheet Face Mask — We love these non-toxic sheet masks made from bamboo and infused with these key ingredients: Bamboo Extract, Ribose, Swertia Chirata and Hyaluronic Acid. Relax, lay the mask over your face and let it do its magic. Even better, try it in the bath! This one is hydrating, combats inflammation, plumps your skin and works on fine lines and wrinkles. When you're done, simply rub in the excess, then add your favorite face serum and face oil. No need to rinse. You will notice the difference straight away. Promise.

Coco Rose Body Polish — I cannot say enough about this one. From its beautiful color and visual appeal to the texture and feel of it on your skin, this is definitely a self-love winner. I know we all think we don't have the time but the benefits to using a body scrub are many. First, you're taking a moment for yourself, which is always important, sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal newer fresher skin while moisturizing at the same time. Virgin coconut oil, sugar and Moroccan rose create the perfect combination to refresh, renew and recharge.

Venus Amber Oil — If you're not used to using a body oil I highly recommend this one: the experience is luxurious; Shiva Rose makes a beautiful selection of products to practice self care and self love. She truly understand the concept of connection to self, others and balance with nature. So it's no surprise that this energy would be infused into her beautiful body oil, appropriately named Venus (the goddess of love). The fragrance is light and mysterious. This body oil contains crystals of rose quartz gem that infuse the oil with love, peace, and tranquility. Love and enjoy.

You can buy the collection here, for you or for someone you think would appreciate taking a little time for themselves, too.

Larissa xx

Larissa Thomson

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