Naomi Watts' Natural Beauty Picks

Naomi Watts' Natural Beauty Picks

I have known Naomi for over 10 years now and she is the epitome of natural beauty in every way, inside and out. She's been one of our biggest supporters and I love recommending non-toxic products from ONDA for her. We've started with a few hero products that help feed and nourish her skin, producing the effects she's looking for, which is to be her best self. 

First up is the African Botanics Baobab Oxygenating Cleanser, which I love and recommend for mature, dry and sensitive skin. It includes Baobab fruit, which is rich in vitamin C that nourishes the skin. The scent is unique and exotic, unlike anything else and the texture feels smooth and soothing. The clay helps eliminate impurities and unclog pores while also balancing the skin, all without any irritation. It leaves your skin soft and smooth reducing the effects of urban pollutants and helping to reduce any redness. This cleanser is super hydrating and helps dissolve impurities so it's also great for those with problem or acne prone skin. It also includes essential oils of Sandalwood and Cedarwood, which help calm, rebalance and rejuvenate. The delicate white blossoms of Jasmine help stimulate cellular renewal and help fade scar tissue while also diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Next is the Immunocologie Exfoliating Serum. The reason I love this one is because it's not your average exfoliator. It's a lightweight serum that helps to reveal fresher more glowing skin. Glycolic acid lifts away dead skin cells without stripping or irritating the skin, while lactic acid promotes cellular regeneration and nourishment. It also detects epidermal pH balance and sebum levels to deliver exfoliation benefits specified to your skin type. This serum can be used daily to diminish surface spots, reduce discoloration and promote a uniform, healthy and glowing complexion. Simply apply and leave on for around 10-20 min, or for some people, like myself, over night works well. But everyone's different so if you have sensitive skin start out slow and see how your skin responds. If you experience redness post treatment don't worry it will subside shortly after. That's just it doing it's job.

Third is the Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Serum, which is an all natural retinol that works while you sleep. Retinol is a safe derivative of vitamin A. Unlike retin-A this retinol will not cause any harsh irritation and has no toxic or chemical additives. Studies show how vitamins A, C and E work together to support superior collagen-building and antioxidant effects. All three of these coexist in this formula to deliver near-miraculous results. Forty years of studies prove retinol's extraordinary age delaying capabilities. Get ready to wake up and be delighted by what you see.

Lastly, I know how much Naomi loves a rich moisturizer so I have recommended the just launched Bottega Organica Balance Face Cream

Similar to their extremely rich and high performing eye cream (which, btw, is an obsession for most who try it) this cream is thick and extremely hydrating. All its organic ingredients are grown on the Bottega Organica farm in upstate NY, which only enhances the purity and efficacy of this product. Ingredients include Tulsi, which regulates sebum production, promoting a balanced complexion and French lilac to rejuvenate and brightens the skin, restoring its radiant glow. Wild carrots are high in antioxidants and vitamins essential for skin repair. Coneflower and vetiver oil stimulate healthy skin renewal while prawn sage exerts its powerful cell-revitalizing activity. Lactobacillus rhamnosus adds advanced probiotic benefits. The results? Your skin feels soft, smooth, glowing and you'll see a noticeable difference in hydration and fine lines will disappear.

Larissa xx

Larissa Thomson


Larissa Thomson


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