Here's What I'm Loving This Month

Here's What I'm Loving This Month

Ball Page Espadrills

I stumbled across the Ball Pages Espadrilles on Instagram and honestly I cant believe I have never seen them before?! I love an espadrille and these are so unique.

June 7.2 Topanga Pant 

I'm crazy about  June 7.2's new line of cool, modern basics. I live in my black Topanga pant and am getting a 2nd pair in gray.

Absolutely love swing chairs! Hopefully there will be one in the ONDA shop, which opens in Spring 2017 in Tribeca.

I don't normally wear strapless or a one piece swim suit but my friend Jaimie Baird gave me this one from Mikoh and I feel great in it!! What a pleasant surprise! Thanks, Jaimie, for the swim suit and this photo.

Christopher Boots

There's a lot of attention on all things Australian and all things crystal right now, so it makes sense that these two ideas have merged with Christopher Boots' beautiful light fixtures. I first saw them at Taryn Toomey's new studio in Tribeca. So, so stunning and magical.


Matta is a store in Nolita that I used to visit frequently. But how great is it when you forget about something for a while and then become reintroduced and it's new again! Beautiful, beachy, easy-to-wear pieces that are perfect for any warm weather getaway.

Thanks to Jaimie Baird for my photo!

ONDA Travel Kit

We love our new airline-friendly travel kit that is a sampling of some of our favorite travel-friendly products all in an easy waterproof zip top bag you can just throw in your carry on luggage and go. Just in time for spring break!!

Bill Granger

My business partner, Sarah Bryden-Brown, is Australian and when she went back to Sydney last December she brought me back the latest cook book, Bill's Everyday Asian, from one of her favorite places to eat, Bills. I would share my favorite recipes with you but Sarah's borrowed it and I haven't seen it since!

UMA Oils

So happy to announce that we now stock Uma oils. This beautifully packaged and scented line of products is steeped in the history of family tradition and purity. We cannot say enough of what this brand has to offer. Check it out.

Bottega Organica

Sarah was lucky enough to spend President Day Weekend in Hudson, NY, where she visited the farm and apothecary of one of our favorite brands, Bottega Organica. Production is small batch, solar infused, 100% organic and super high in results. Their face scrub is the most hydrating you'll ever experience. 

Larissa xx

Larissa Thomson


Larissa Thomson

Thank you Larissa !!
I can’t wait to meet you.
Next visit to NY I’m coming straight to the ONDA shop ,you carry everything I love !!!
Ingrid (June 7.2 )

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