Get Your Winter Skin Glowing

Get Your Winter Skin Glowing

ONDA has hand-picked six of the best natural beauty products to feed your skin through winter. This collection offers all you need to experience natural beauty for the first time, or if you are a natural beauty devotee already, our curated kit will save you time and money. 

Our Winter Glow face kit contains:

1 x Hannes Dottir Seamasque

You'll notice your skin glowing after one use of this incredibly active sea kelp and mineral mask. The texture is unlike most I've seen, a bit goopy and gummy, I've heard some people call it green goo, but somehow this quality makes it that much more unique. I'm not exactly sure what makes this green goo so magical but you'll feel it working right away and you'll want to keep using it once you see the results. I promise.

1 x Bottega Organica Rejuvenating Face Scrub (sea salt + lemon)

This super rich and nourishing farm to face scrub will heal any dry or weather damaged skin. If your skin is really dry this moisturizing scrub will work wonders to hydrate. If you have less dry skin,  a bit less dry you might need to wash after scrubbing and use a wet cloth to remove any of the excess oil. Either way your skin will be left with a lovely and healthy glow. Although the texture is lush and rich the scent is light and citrusy.

1 x Odacite Night Repair Serum

What I've found is that in the winter months my skin needs not only extra hydration but more active ingredients. What I love about this is that it does its job while I'm sleeping. It's gentle but effective. It's super hydrating but also has serious anti-aging ingredients, and delivers an extra dose of hylauronic acid and vitamin E, which is always beneficial. So basically I'm sleeping and it's working. 

1 x Henne Lip Scrub

Once I picked up this habit I started to recommend it to everyone i know. You wont believe the difference this will make especially in the cold weather months. scrub away dry chapped lips while sealing in moisture that will hydrate and protect them on super cold days. Not to mention they'll look smooth, healthy and luscious. 

1 x One Love Skin Saviour

This is another multi tasking product I love. I think it was the first oil cleanser I ever bought. Use this rich balm as a cleanser but also a smooth gliding moisturizer for face or body. Your skin will thank you by radiating a lovely glow. Its also an incredible healer for skin irritations I love the orange scent, honestly sometimes i just open the jar and smell it, orange stimulates the portion of the brain that creates happiness. Happy hydrating.

1 x Olio e Osso Lip Balm

I'm very picky about lip treatments. For me it has to be smooth, feel soft on my lips not waxy or sticky and most of all keep my lips moisturized especially on very cold days. What I really love about this one is it adds a subtle shine and the stick makes it so easy to apply. I love the unusual oval shape of the stick as well and the smell is so beautiful and refreshing but not overwhelming at all. So yummy.

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Larissa xx

Larissa Thomson

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