Full-Face Kit

Full-Face Kit

ONDA has hand-picked six of the best natural beauty products for your face to create a starter kit filled with everything you need to nurture and nourish your skin. This collection offers all you need to experience natural beauty for the first time, or if you are a natural beauty devotee already, our curated kit will save you time and money. 

FREE GIFT FOR YOU: for the first 20 orders we will be including the beautiful, handmade ceramic dish from Copenhagen, (included in the image) for you to mix your Odacite Enzyme Mask, valued at $49.

Our Full-Face Kit contains:

1 x One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil

Who new that oil was such a good cleanser! This one nourishes as it cleanses, ridding your skin of all make-up as well as common pollutants that build up during the day. It leaves your skin so clean but without that dry, tight feeling. Especially great for people who have dry skin and love a light tropical scent

1 x Hannes Dottir Mineral Mist Toner

To activate this very special product you must shake it first. I love that I can actually see its potent minerals getting to work. Incredibly light and refreshing with a subtle scent of mint this lovely mist will not only hydrate your skin but help it to absorb your next-step products more effectively.

1 x Odacite Enzyme Mask

This is a multitasking, customizable mask that is able to serve every skin type. Comes with a recipe book and all! You can mix the mask powder with any number of recommended kitchen ingredients to suit your individual skin needs. It can soothe, moisturize, detoxify, exfoliate and more. I mean, c'mon!, could that be better?

1 x Butter Elixir Face Oil

For all you face oil scaredy cats out there, this is the perfect oil to try as a replacement for your moisturizer. It's gentle with a light scent, and will show results from day one. I bet once you try it you won't go back!

1 x African Botanics Marula Resurrection Eye Cream

This is a beautiful eye cream with two essentials that makes it a very active eye cream — caffein and peptides. Beautifully and lightly scented, this soft and creamy product will solve many common under eye problems. I know because it did for me.

1 x One Love Organics Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Using a serum is a step I never leave out. Feeding your skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy is equally as important as eating the right foods to keep your body healthy. This vitamin C serum will help brighten and destress your skin, creating a lovely glow you can actually see right away. Follow this step with your face oil or moisturizer, and some days this might be all the moisture you need.

Shop our full-face kit for yourself or as a gift.

Larissa xx

Larissa Thomson

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