If you've been to one of our parties, you'll know how much fun there is to be had at ONDA Beauty after hours.

We're now opening up our Tribeca store for private events after hours. It could be for a birthday party, or corporate entertaining or just a damn good excuse for getting your friends together and enjoying mini-facials, mini-massages, fancy drinks, delicious eats, and personal shopping, all of which we will organize for you.

If you would like to discuss the options, please email us at So much fun to be had with us after hours.

Larissa and Sarah x

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We'd like to give thanks to you this holiday season by offering a $100 gift card for every $500 you spend with us, either online or in our Tribeca store, between November 24 and November 27, 2017.

To redeem your $100 gift card, which you can use for yourself or others, just complete your order for $500, either in store in Tribeca, and we will then email you a $100 gift card to use whenever you like up until its expiry, which is January 31st, 2018.

If you have any questions about our holiday special offer, please just email us at

Larissa and Sarah xx

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Come and visit us in our NYC stores!

Come and visit us in our NYC stores!

BIG NEWS: We're so excited to let you know that our Tribeca store is now open, joining our uptown shop-in-a-shop at Malia Mills store on Lexington.
You can now shop in store:
DOWNTOWN117 West Broadway, between Duane and Reade
UPTOWN: 1015 Lexington Ave at the Malia Mills store.
We've added a number of new brands, including May Lindstrom, Pursoma, and Vintner's Daughter, and of course we have all our trusted favorites too, including our Australian exclusives.
If you need any advice or personal recommendations, just email us at or drop into the Tribeca store. 
Larissa and Sarah xx
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What I'm Loving This Month

What I'm Loving This Month

Valiante Clothing

The name is Valiante Forever on Vacation! C'mon! This line was clearly custom-designed for me. It's easy, breezy, beachy pieces with a boho vibe, and yep, it's created by an Australian, of course!

Vintner's Daughter

I have been coveting Vintner's Daughter for a long time and we are so happy to say that with the opening of our doors at 117 West Broadway, in Tribeca, we will be stocking this outstanding active botanical serum. Made with the world's most nutrient rich botanicals and essential oils it is a must try!

Once Fall hits I'm in the kitchen making soup. One of my favorites is almost any green soup. It's a great detox after the damage I usually do during my end of summer vacay. I play around with ingredients depending on what I'm feeling like. Only rule is it must be green. Here's a recipe for the Ten Ingredient Alkalizing Green Soup recipe, from one of my favorite healthy chefs who has a fantastic blog called 101 cookbooks. I've been following her blog and her cook books for a few years. Enjoy!!

David's ToothpasteThere are so many great things to say about this toothpaste, I don't really know where to start, so I will start here: it is now available at ONDA! Davids is a natural whitening tooth paste with a focus on sustainability, designed to naturally whiten, remove plaque and freshen breath. It is EWG verified, which is no small task and meets every other standard there is to meet in the clean product arena. I love the packaging design AND it works!! 

I'm loving the beach-y vibe of this chair for our new Tribeca shop. It feels natural yet still clean, modern and comfortable. It's made by France and Sons.

I have admired Charlotte Gainsbourg's signature French style for a long time. Lately I've noticed she is often wearing the same pair of gorgeous suede boots. It Didn't take much digging to find out that they're from R.Soles in London. They've arrived and so far I can't take them off.



The beauty of the Odacite serums is that you can customize your moisturizer or face serum on a daily basis based on what your skin needs. Just 2-3 drops from one of the powerful Odacite serums targets a specific issue. If you need to address hyper pigmentation, then add 2-3 drops from the Pa+G serum. Or if you need extra hydration and help with encouraging elasticity, then the Ma+N is your go to. Check them all out here

Do you remember reading Daniel Goleman's life-changing book, Emotional Intelligence? Well, he's done it again with a title that hooked me before I even got to the blurb: Altered Traits. I've been meditating for years now, but I'm looking forward to reading this to help me explore the idea of meditation even further, and take my practice to a whole new level. 

I don't often go for accessories unless they're clean and classic. But every once in a while something like this catches my eye and I'm a sucker for stars: Clare V. Foldover Clutch. I love the slate color combined with the gold!

Larissa xx 

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What I'm Loving This Month

What I'm Loving This Month

This month's love list is dominated by inspiration pics for our store because that's been my focus for the past few weeks! The plan is to have a lot of life and green in the shop. Can't resist these beautiful fig trees. I have the perfect spot presently waiting for one.
I'm a big fan of wall paper. Thinking about this one from Michelle Varian for the bathroom ... hmmmm.
I'm thrilled we are now stocking May Lindstrom. The first of her products I tried was the Honey Mud, and to this day it's still one of my favorite. Honey Mud has a luxurious whipped texture, and combined  White Halloysite clay, raw honey with aromatic pure plant oils, it's perfect for an every-day cleanser AND an incredible mask that will leave your skin feeling soft, clean and super hydrated.
I've been looking for the perfect bathroom sink and brass fixtures. The space for the sink is small but that's no reason to sacrifice style and design.
We're looking forward to balancing the energy of our store with the gals at The Cristalline. We have created a Crystal Starter Set with The Cristalline and will be carrying a bigger selection of their beautifully curated stones at the ONDA shop for those of you who would also like to benefit from magic of these precious pieces.
I can't resist the beautiful summery scent of Red Flower's Spanish Gardenia shampoo and conditioner. I have them in our outdoor shower in upstate NY, and it just makes the whole experience heavenly. Now my husband and son are also hooked and I can't get them out of the shower!! Both also leave your hair incredibly, clean, full, hydrated and smelling great.
We have really high ceilings, which allows for an over-sized and dramatic light in the middle of the store. Something like this one is being custom made for us in Mexico as we speak! So excited.
The first thing I start with when I'm planning an ONDA store is a swing chair; it's beautiful and joyful. We want to have one in every shop. Our Tribeca store will be home to our second swing chair, with the first happily hanging in ONDA at our shop-in-a-shop at the Malia Mills Lexington Ave shop. 
I'm hoping to find the perfect beach-y white-wash stain for our wood floors. Somewhere in the drift wood family. Looking for faded beach-y perfection.
Marie Veronique's specially curated Blemish Treatment Kit is the perfect solution for anyone who is dealing with problematic skin, from teens through to anti-aging.

It's composed of the most effective and scientific ingredients to resolve breakouts, clear congestion and rebalance the skin. By regulating sebum production and reducing inflammation, these healing formulations will prove lasting results. Effectively clears blemishes and controls future breakouts without using chemicals!

Larissa xx

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What I'm Loving This Month

What I'm Loving This Month

Who doesn't want perfectly polished and glowing skin?!

Well, even though we might not be able to get away to where the sun, salt and sea can do it for us, we can take some time for ourselves and enjoy home pampering to restore, renew and reveal the magic beneath. To make it even easier, we have created a neat, effective Be Smooth Body Polish kit for you. So polish away and enjoy the results!!

There's nothing quite like watching a friend create and grow her own business with passion and inspiring success. That's how I feel about Taryn Toomey and The Class. Her latest success being her collaboration with Lululemon. We love the number of women we're seeing creating businesses driven by their personal passion. What makes this most enjoyable is watching the camaraderie and support we give one another. So here's what I have to say: Congrats TT! Nailed it! 

We had one of our shopping events at Sawkille, a beautiful handcrafted furniture shop in Rhinebeck NY. Jonah Meyer, who designs and builds all the furniture by hand, is nothing short of a true creative talent. I stepped foot inside and immediately wanted everything!!! You actually can feel the passion, heart and soul that goes into every piece.


Dr Scholl's. Need I say more? If you're anywhere near my age, and grew up in the 70s, you will probably understand the love and nostalgia wrapped around these babies. Just ordered a pair in black!


Most days I try to keep sugar to a minimum but Pavlova is absolutely my weakness!! Plus, it figures it's an Australian thing, because everything I love these days seems to be from Australia. Such a delicious and pretty easy summer dessert.


In a tiny town like Narrowsburg, NY,  there are a number of gems to be found. One of them being Mayer Wasner, my friend Pam's store. She always has a great selection of unique and special pieces, so when I was sitting on Main St waiting for the fireworks to being on July 4th, and turned to see this dress from Natalie Martin, it's called Melanie, on the mannequin in the window, well, let's say I was there when the shop opened the next day. It's the perfect, airy, summer dress!



I am a Pimms lover, and it is the only thing I drink. Don't ask me how this happened or why, I'm not really sure. I just know it was after my son was born. Lucky for me there is usually a bottle of Pimms waiting for me thanks to my lovely group of family and friends. Combine it with a really good ginger beer, some mint and citrus and it's the perfect summer cocktail. Or for me...any season cocktail ;).


I'm always late to the game when it comes to getting get a new swimsuit for Summer, but I am definitely addicted to Siyu. I love its unique prints and variety of shapes — tops, bottoms and one pieces. I will be getting 1-2 of these depending on what's left by the time I get around to ordering!



We recently started stocking our first men's product, Holi (man), and women left and right have been buying it for the man in their life. Or for themselves, because some women, like me, really enjoy the woodsy cedar scent. This is what I've been using these days. So is my husband. Love it!!



We've just added MD Solar Sciences's safe sunscreen to ONDA and I love how the smooth texture works into the skin so easily, and guess what? No white residue!! EWG has included them on the best sunscreens of 2017 list, and all the ones we stock are rated as a #1. That means it's one of the best.

Larissa xx  

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Here's What I'm Loving This Month

Here's What I'm Loving This Month

ONDA Beauty Travel Kit
Our curated Travel Kit includes everything you need no matter where you're off to this summer. We've included products for face, body, hair to suit every need. Toss it in your bag and you're off!
Tom Ford Stacy Aviators! My always chic friend Christina Villegas, founder of Yoya NYC, a super chic kids clothing store and more, showed up with these on at one of our events. Let's just say I was wearing them the next day 😳
I've always loved a mobile. They're reminiscent of my 70s childhood. I remember mine with shells that dangled from a piece of driftwood in my bedroom, and how it made a lovely noise in the ocean breeze. What I love about this Brass Disc Mobile from Michele Varian is it feels a little bit beach and a little bit city. 
Yes please!!!!!! This Ulla Johnson Rhita saddle bag does it for me in every way. I just hope it's not sold out!!! It's going to be a very belated Mother's Day gift.
Onda Beauty Cinema Paradiso
The question — What's your all time favorite movie? — has come up about 3 times in a month. Why? I do not know. But since I saw Cinema Paradiso in college it has remained top of the list for me. I'm getting ready to watch it again, it's been a while, and I'm looking forward to feeling all the feelings, of which there are many. Such a beautiful and unique story. If you've never seen it it's a must!!


I'm really digging this safari chair! I love that its design is clean, modern and beachy yet classic and comfortable. The worn leather arms and natural light wood makes this piece beautiful and unique. Love it!!!

ONDA Beauty Grown Alchemist Lip Balm
Grown Alchemist lip balm, with its combination of antioxidants, peptides and omegas, ticks ALL the boxes . Nourishing, moisturizing and has such a beautiful gloss which is sometimes hard to find in a lip balm. It's a new fave.
I'm coveting the Adarsha dress by Doen. Summery, wispy, gorgeousness! Looks so breezy and comfortable yet still sexy. Perfect combination for me.
Also eyeing these natural woven Abaca pendant lights from Roost for our store uptown, which is within Malia Mill's Lexington Store. If the size doesn't work I'll find a place at home for them, no problem.
Everything about the Mermaid Mask by Leahlani says summer to me. It smells light, fresh and citrusy. It's a deep dose of hydration for summer skin. And I mean c'mon ... it's called Mermaid mask! 
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Here's What I'm Loving This Month

Here's What I'm Loving This Month

Kamm Pants

Confession: I learnt about Kamm Pants from my business partner's 18-year-old daughter. Enough said.

Coclico Shoes

Our ONA Beauty Pop-Ups are costing me a fortune (see #4). At our LA event, hosted by The Wall Group's Kate Stirling, our mutual friend, Ryan Gates, was wearing a pair Coclico's Perl Wedge Espadrilles and man, I needed those! They remind me of a pair of shoes my mom had in the 70s. 

Saya Skin Care

I'm addicted to our Australian-made Saya rich and nourishing eye cream. Honestly, I know it works because I fell asleep last night and forgot to put it on. When I woke up this morning, well, let's say it took me a while before I'd leave the house :/

Utility Canvas A-Frame Duffle Bag

While doing our pop-up event at Malia Mills Brentwood store in LA I spied this bag and it was love at first sight. After coveting it for the two days we were there I couldn't leave without it. Can't wait to head of town so I can use it.

Unplug Meditation

Huge thank you to Unplug in LA for hosting our pop-up event at their beautiful space!! We love collaborating and joining forces with like minded inspiring women, nothing better. If you haven't tried a guided meditation at Unplug I highly recommend.

Marie Veronique Pre+Probiotic Mist

You may already know that I couldn't go a day without using the Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Night Serum, well, same goes for the Pre+Probiotic Mist. First off the scent soothes and lifts me up at the same time. Second, why not supply your skin with an extra dose of pre and probiotics (assuming you're ingesting as well) to balance the skin and create a healthy glow.

Green Smoothie Recipe

My cousin, Eva, gave me the recipe for this delicious Green Smoothie:

Add to a Vitamix or powerful blender in this order and blend.

- 1 cup washed green grapes

- thick slice of pinapple chopped into chunks

- half an orange with peel removed

- slice of lime peel left on

- 1 cup washed spinach leaves

- 1 large kale leaf

- 1 cup of ice

Alchemist Kitchen

Last winter, while going to my first Infra-Red Sauna session at Higher Dose, I discovered The Alchemist's Kitchen, a treasure trove of botanical elixirs, local vegan cheese and a great place to have a working lunch. It's my go-to-store for all things wholistic and herbal.

Sincerely Jules Kaia Sweatshirt

I have heart eyes for this Sincerely Jules Kaia sweatshirt, and am seeing myself pulling it on for those chilly nights in upstate NY as we prepare for yet another bonfire.

Grace Alchemy Roll-On Fragrance

Grace is an intoxicating fragrance that will completely captivate you. I can't go anywhere without people asking what scent I'm wearing! And its easy to use roller and compact size allows me to carry it in my pocket everywhere I go. Which I love!! Ajai Alchemy believes beauty is the truest expression of you. Grace smells like love, and you'll feel graced by love when you wear it. The intention is to empower and strengthen your appreciation of of your own natural beauty and the beauty of the planet. 

Larissa xx

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BEAUTY SWAP: From Head to Toe, the 12 Natural Products You Should Be Using

BEAUTY SWAP: From Head to Toe, the 12 Natural Products You Should Be Using

Making the switch to natural beauty can be daunting because you are not sure where to start. ONDA Beauty was created to help with that exact issue — to be your natural authority for living beautifully — and with a nod to Earth Day, which is April 22, we have created a head-to-toe list for you to reference in your swap from chemical-based beauty to natural and non-toxic. 

I've created this list for you based on all the recommendations I give friends and family when they ask for a road map for making the switch. All these products will work for everyone, and are also the exact products both myself and Sarah used when we went through our own transition to clean beauty. Once you're comfortable with natural, and can see the clear benefits, you'll then be ready with adding layers to your routines. 

And of course, as always, we are here to answer questions or provide more personal recommendations. Just email us at

    1. Deodorant: Agent Nateur
      We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on all our products so you don't have one good reason NOT TO MAKE THE SWITCH to a natural deodorant. We know this product works, and well (even if you are a super-duper stinky, sweaty person). It's one of our favorites. The aluminum found in a chemically-created deodorant is a well-known link to breast cancer. Please, please, please make the swap to a natural deodorant TODAY.
    2. Shampoo & Conditioner: Yarok Feed Your Volume
      Making the switch to a natural shampoo and conditioner may come low on your list but this is one you should jump into. The Yarok Shampoo and Conditioner not only does what it is says — adds volume — it does it with a sudsy foam shampoo and nourishing conditioner. What you won't get is limp, dull, lifeless hair weighed down by silicone. The downside to silicone is that it adds another layer (or barrier) to your hair strands, keeping nutrients from getting in or penetrating the hair, which over time can cause the hair to weaken or break.
    3. Body Wash: Grown Alchemist Body Cleanser
      This is a neck-to-toe situation so let's make it all natural. If you love Aesop you will love this scent because it's made by its original founders. Where Aesop is not natural, Grown Alchemist is, and their fresh, clean, green Australian scents are the best way to start the day. The benefits visibly condition, tone and moisturize the skin while the aromatic properties are calming.
    4. Body Moisturizer: Goe Body Oil
      There is no one I have recommended this to that doesn't love this body oil. It starts as a solid oil and once you warm it in your hands, it glides on and is quickly absorbed. The fact that it smells like the beach is another reason why it's one of our favorites. Your skin will notice a marked difference and feel nourished as much as hydrated.
    5. Face Wash: Joanna Vargas Vitamin C Face Wash
      I alternate this face wash with an oil-based face wash so my skin doesn't get too used to one product. It's important to feed your skin with rotating products otherwise it will get used to one and not be as effective. The Joanna Vargas face wash foams, is gentle, and the Acai, Goji and citrus oils help to rebalance the PH levels in my skin, while revitalizing its brightness. 
    6. Face Exfoliant: Leahlani Honey Love 3 in 1
      The beauty of this product is that it is not only a 3-in-1, it contains that magic ingredient, honey, which is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and provides deep hydration. What more could you want! Well, it cleanses, exfoliates and is a mask. This was one of my early discoveries, and I use it in the shower and if it drips into your mouth you don't need to worried. Enjoy.
    7. Face Serum: Little Alchemist Vitamin C Serum
      Serums are a booster for your skin, and Vitamin C is what you particularly need for anti-aging. This one, from Australia, has Rosehip Oil as its base, but without the strong smell of a Rosehip oil, which can be off-putting for some. It's a miracle worker, and you'll notice a clear change in your skin with daily use of this powerful potion. 
    8. Face Moisturizer: Joanna Vargas Daily Hydrating Moisturizer
      This is a light but deeply hydrating moisturizer, and perfect for the warmer months. It easily absorbs into your skin and has a unique blend of fragrance oils, which is a secret, but what we can tell you is cocoa butter and shea butter are in abundance. The smell of this active moisturizer, which also helps to produce collagen, is so much of the experience and you will look forward to using it everyday. 
    9. Face Oil: African Botanics Neroli Marula Oil
      This is one of our best-sellers because it's one of the best anti-aging face oils thanks to its main ingredient, Marula Oil, which is bolstered by vitamin C & E. Another benefit is that It also reduces redness. I regularly recommended this to friends and family because it's one of the most hydrating face oils we stock.  And the scent is universally loved, once you smell it you can't do without it.
    10. Eye Cream: Pai Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream
      Of all the eye creams we offer, this one is the best for those with sensitive skin issues, or those who prefer a mild scent. It's gentle yet highly active and you'll see the results the very next day.
    11. Sunscreen: Suntegrity
      We don't have to tell you how important it is to use a natural sunscreen because the scientific community has done that job very well. What we can tell you is that these two SPF 30 sunscreens will protect you from harmful UVA / UVB broad spectrum rays while nourishing your skin because it's a natural mineral sunscreen loaded with anti-oxidants. 
    12. Lip Balm: OLIO E OSSO
      You won't see me without one of these in my pocket or tote. Not only is the packaging beautiful and designed for lips, it nourishes without drying and is a multi-tasker: you can use it for grooming eyebrows, conditioning cuticles, dry elbows, fly away hair, and cheeks for color. Check out the range of hues, including a clear one, but the tone is super subtle so there is a color for everyone.

Larissa xx

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Introducing The Beauty Chef

Introducing The Beauty Chef

We were thrilled to launch The Beauty Chef on ONDA Beauty with an event at Naomi Watt's home. We are strong advocates for ingestibles and so asked the founder of The Beauty Chef, Carla Oates, to share with you all what we learnt about inner beauty at our launch event. 

Why do you believe skin health starts from the belly?

I am a big believer in “beauty begins in the belly” – that gut health is paramount for healthy, radiant skin and overall wellbeing.

The first step to healthy, radiant skin is balancing digestive health. Our gut is where 70% of the immune system lies, where we metabolize hormones, where we make detoxifying enzymes and where we make nutrients, and so much of what goes on in our digestive system can impact our skin. The skin, hair and nails are the last places to receive nutrients, as they go to more important organs first, so nutrition is important for glowing skin, and fermented foods give you dense, super charged nutrition. The Beauty Chef embrace's the time-honoured art of fermentation in our products because fermenting ingredients not only pre-digests them to make the nutrients more available for the body to use, but it creates probiotics to help balance digestion.

Do you think ingestible products are gaining momentum within the skincare industry, if so why? 

There is a wellness revolution happening, there is an increase in degenerative diseases and folks are realizing that modern life isn't so conducive to good health. Too much stress, packaged food and pollution. We are going back to basics, organic food, chemical-free skincare and personal care products, and embracing traditional and healthy ways of preparing foods — such as the art of fermentation. 

  • Prebiotics and probiotics – these work to improve gut health and boost your immune system. They also support the body’s detoxification and elimination pathways. Probiotics directly neutralize certain chemicals and toxins so that they don’t have to be processed through the liver. This helps to ease the burden on the liver and the skin. A happy gut also means a healthy immune system, healthier skin, better absorption of nutrients, metabolism of hormones etc. 
  • Vitamin C – helps protect your body from oxidative damage, important for immune health and helps boost your body’s levels of our main antioxidant — glutathione — an antioxidant your body produces to protect itself against free radical damage, inflammation and cellular aging. Vitamin C helps to synthesize collagen in the body. Found in GLOW Inner Beauty Powder, BODY Inner Beauty Powder and COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost.
  • Vitamin E - helps your body recycle glutathione which also helps fight inflammation, one of the main culprits when it comes to premature aging and reduces the impact of oxidative stress. Found in our ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Boost.
  • Omega 3 essential fatty acids - reduces inflammation and helps protect your skin from free radical damage. Found in GLOW Inner Beauty Powder.
  • Zinc - contributes to normal skin functions and may help with a variety of skin problems from acne to improved wound healing. Zinc is also great for strengthening hair and nails and can ward off colds and aid the immune system. Found in GLOW Inner Beauty Powder and COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost.
  • Vitamin D - The UVB rays responsible for helping our bodies make the immune boosting vitamin D are low and sometimes non-existent in certain areas in winter. Which is why it is important that we get vitamin D from food or a supplement. Our BODY Inner Beauty Powder contains 50% of the RDI of Vitamin D per dose. You can also get small amounts of vitamin D from fatty fish and cod liver oil. And if you do find you need to get a blood test for other reasons – it’s worth asking to have your vitamin D levels tested to see if you are deficient. This fat-soluble “sunshine vitamin” also helps you absorb calcium to form and maintain healthy bones. Vitamin D has beneficial effects on moods, immunity, diabetes and glucose metabolism, heart health, hypertension and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. It has also been linked to the prevention of some cancers.
  • Minerals – generally – Because our soils are over farmed and often depleted in minerals, a lot of people are not getting enough minerals which are so important as co-factors for vitamins to work in the body. Minerals are vital for cellular health, overall health and skin health – for helping to repair skin cells, to energise skin cells, for elasticity etc.
  • Digestive Enzymes – Many people have poor digestive health and as we age digestive function declines – both mean that we are not making the digestive enzymes efficiently to break down the food we consume properly. Digestive enzymes are very helpful for people with poor digestion, helping that the nutrients in their food can be broken down and utilisted by the body and help to prevent hard to break down food irritating the gut. Found in ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Boost and CLEANSE Inner Beauty Powder.
  • Broad spectrum antioxidants – Each antioxidant in the rainbow of foods we eat has its own function and protects us from a specific free radical. Which is why its important to eat many different wholefoods – bright fruits and vegetables, green tea, legumes, mushrooms, nuts, seeds etc. All of The Beauty Chef’s products are rich in antioxidants from Certified Organic wholefoods.

What are the key differences between your powder and liquid products?

My favorite way of looking at how the powders and liquid boosts work both individually and together is to think of them in the same way you would topical skincare: just like you would use a serum to supercharge your moisturizer, the Inner Beauty Boosts work to amplify the effects of the Inner Beauty Powders to address specific skin concerns. Put another way, the Inner Beauty Powders are your baseline all-rounders that keep your skin looking great on a day-to-day basis, while the Boosts are what you reach for when you need that extra hit of TLC, whether it's ANTIOXIDANT to fight against free-radical damage and cellular aging, COLLAGEN to address fine lines and sagging skin, or HYDRATION to enhance radiance and combat dryness. The wonderful thing with both the powders and boosts is that they can be used separately for powerful skin benefits, or mixed and matched into a tailored powder-plus-boost combination that works specifically for you. For example, CLEANSE + COLLAGEN would be great for anyone looking to spring-clean their skin while fighting the visible signs of ageing; GLOW + HYDRATION would tackle dry-skin concerns by maximizing moisturization and radiance from within; while BODY + ANTIOXIDANT would help to maintain a healthy weight range while providing skin and gut benefits, repairing cell damage and reducing the signs of aging. Ultimately, only you know which product or combination is right for your skin - happy experimenting!

Prebiotics and probiotics are both buzz words we’ve been hearing about recently. Can you share a little about the benefits, and how you suggest incorporating them into one’s beauty routine? 

Prebiotics and probiotics work to improve gut health and boost your immune system. They also support the body’s detoxification and elimination pathways. Probiotics directly neutralize certain chemicals and toxins so that they don’t have to be processed through the liver. This helps to ease the burden on the liver and the skin. A happy gut also means a healthy immune system, healthier skin, better absorption of nutrients, metabolism of hormones. More and more studies are showing the link between skin health and gut health. Where there is gut inflammation, there will be skin inflammation. People who have a healthier gut microbiota, have a healthier fatty acid profile in their skin, therefore their skin is more hydrated, moisturized and plumper.

You can find Prebiotics and Probiotics in all of The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Products, which can easily be added into your daily routine. You can enjoy them in smoothies, water, yogurt, raw bars, bliss balls and lots more. 

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Here's What I'm Loving This Month

Here's What I'm Loving This Month

After doing Taryn Toomey's The Class retreat in February, and seeing my friend's Antonello Tedde Capriccioli Rombi large tote in grey, I have dreamt about having one ever since.

Spitfire Girl White Collection Candle Hydra 

Loving these candles at Spit Fire Girl! The packaging is so beautiful and uniquely designed, and each candle has an intention or purpose, not to mention an intoxicating aroma. Hope we can stock these at ONDA.

Bottega Organica Balance Face Cream


For all of you Bottega Organica Eye Cream lovers (and there are many bordering on obsession) I'd like to introduce you to the new Bottega Organica Balance Face Cream. It's just as rich as the eye cream, and now you have enough to nourish your whole face. 

Yoga Bodies

I'm so proud of my dear friend, Jaimie Baird, who has taken her photography career to a new level with this book. She has beautifully captured an amazing variety of people, poses, skills, shapes and sizes in her new book Yoga Bodies. It's a window into the humanity and soul of yoga for everybody. Congrats Jaimie!!!!!


The Upside Yoga Pant

My new favorite and go to fitness wear brand is The UpSide. Great fit, great prints, great all around. Just got these from Bandier and I'm wearing them daily!

The Beauty Chef

I first discovered Australia's The Beauty Chef three years ago and am so excited to now stock these must-have inner beauty powerhouses at ONDA. We know only too well how important it is to support your self-care from the inside out, and these three products will do just that. I started with GLOW and my co-founder, Sarah, loves the Collagen elixir. 



As with a lot of things these days, I discovered this fashion brand, All That Remains Is Love on Instagram, and immediately knew this was a love affair so to speak. Right now I am coveting the Grace top. The intricate and delicate lace work and boho vibe have me swooning.

Steering By Starlight


My college room mate, and dear friend (my rock really), Sue, has been trying to get me to read Steering By Starlight for over a year now. When I finally did I had to read it again and immediately sent it to 5 of my friends. For me, it just made so much sense. If you have ever felt lost, and not sure which direction to go in life, I highly recommend this book.

A friend of mine from my fashion days reached out to tell me about Rothy's Shoes. He offered to send me a pair and when they arrived I fell in love. The even better news is that Rothy's are made from recycled water bottles, are water resistant and are machine washable. AND when their life is up you can send them back to the company and they get turned into yoga mats!! I mean....C'MON!?!?!?

Reverie Milk and Rake Hair Styling Products


Honestly, I'm not really sure what I did before this dynamic duo from Reverie?! I use the Milk Leave-In-Conditioner right after I towel dry my hair and once my hair is dry I use the Rake to create piece-y beach-y waves. Perfection!! And I love love love the scent! 

Larissa xx

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Here's What I'm Loving This Month

Here's What I'm Loving This Month

Ball Page Espadrills

I stumbled across the Ball Pages Espadrilles on Instagram and honestly I cant believe I have never seen them before?! I love an espadrille and these are so unique.

June 7.2 Topanga Pant 

I'm crazy about  June 7.2's new line of cool, modern basics. I live in my black Topanga pant and am getting a 2nd pair in gray.

Absolutely love swing chairs! Hopefully there will be one in the ONDA shop, which opens in Spring 2017 in Tribeca.

I don't normally wear strapless or a one piece swim suit but my friend Jaimie Baird gave me this one from Mikoh and I feel great in it!! What a pleasant surprise! Thanks, Jaimie, for the swim suit and this photo.

Christopher Boots

There's a lot of attention on all things Australian and all things crystal right now, so it makes sense that these two ideas have merged with Christopher Boots' beautiful light fixtures. I first saw them at Taryn Toomey's new studio in Tribeca. So, so stunning and magical.


Matta is a store in Nolita that I used to visit frequently. But how great is it when you forget about something for a while and then become reintroduced and it's new again! Beautiful, beachy, easy-to-wear pieces that are perfect for any warm weather getaway.

Thanks to Jaimie Baird for my photo!

ONDA Travel Kit

We love our new airline-friendly travel kit that is a sampling of some of our favorite travel-friendly products all in an easy waterproof zip top bag you can just throw in your carry on luggage and go. Just in time for spring break!!

Bill Granger

My business partner, Sarah Bryden-Brown, is Australian and when she went back to Sydney last December she brought me back the latest cook book, Bill's Everyday Asian, from one of her favorite places to eat, Bills. I would share my favorite recipes with you but Sarah's borrowed it and I haven't seen it since!

UMA Oils

So happy to announce that we now stock Uma oils. This beautifully packaged and scented line of products is steeped in the history of family tradition and purity. We cannot say enough of what this brand has to offer. Check it out.

Bottega Organica

Sarah was lucky enough to spend President Day Weekend in Hudson, NY, where she visited the farm and apothecary of one of our favorite brands, Bottega Organica. Production is small batch, solar infused, 100% organic and super high in results. Their face scrub is the most hydrating you'll ever experience. 

Larissa xx

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